Wedding and lifestyle photographer, photographing weddings and families at the Sunshine coast and Brisbane, Queensland 

Carla and Elvis - Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Nearly 6 years ago, when I was just starting out, I got to shoot the most beautiful wedding. It was the perfect winter day in Agnes Water. We made photographs in his grandmothers garden, they danced under a marque in the grounds of their restaurant. Elvis reminded me yesterday, every detail of it was done out of love and that is what made it so incredibly special. He had thought of everything. Brides and grooms become friends, and births and children become the happiest of shared moments. This week they welcomed their second daughter into the world. And this year is a big year for them. These babies are lucky, Carla and Elvis have so much love to give. They have kindness and compassion and they feel what is truly important in life. I can't to watch these children grow, and see their parents whom I hold dear to my heart, blossom even brighter with them.