My Story


Everything you see here, it all collided when I became a mother

In my 20's I lost two people I loved, within months of one another. This served as a life altering moment. I went looking for photographs of memories of them, not what they looked like, I went searching because I wanted to remember what it felt like to be with them. How it felt when they made me laugh, how it felt to be loved by them. Everything. How. They. Felt. Because I never wanted to forget that. I still don't. 

When I was little and we were on our way somewhere, in the car, my favourite thing to do was to look for the people. To try and guess their stories. Why they lived there, who they loved. What I love, above all is people. Understanding humans. And their why’s. Their connections. Why this person. Why now. Why this relationship worked when none of the others did, why you will make it. 

So I seem to have made my way back to something that was a part of me all along. Becoming a mother, I have two beautiful, perfect reasons to never want to forget. 

So now that's what I do. Make photographs of how it feels.They serve as my memories. Because, in what feels like a second, those tiny reasons are so much bigger. 

To me the beauty isn't in put together pictures, it's the inbetween. I love light and movement. Imagery that makes you feel something. That reminds of something you once felt. My favourite photographs are like that. And I want you to have that. Images that remind you of that day, that moment. How it felt. So you will never forget. 


Ps. I don't often wear shoes. And I love wooden houses, perched up on stilts. I call the beautiful Noosa hinterland on the Sunshine Coast home, I will always marvel at the night sky and in a sea of black, I'm the one wearing purple.