Wedding and lifestyle photographer, photographing weddings and families at the Sunshine coast and Brisbane, Queensland 

its not about the stuff - sunshine coast, Queensland

I still cry on a wedding days, I imagine I always will. It's the mums and the dads that get me now. Grandmas hands. The promise of the future. The heartbreaks that we all inevitably suffer at some point during our lives, whether its losing a father or a love that was meant to be forever. I'm hopeless at keeping things as work. I want to see children and families that you've created. I want to be a part of your lives. I suppose thats why 'clients' become friends, and I get messages saying 'don't tell anyone, but we are having a baby'. So thank you, all of you. Who have shared with me, who have let me into those moments. You are so much more than likes on social media, and curated squares. But if you know me, you know this.